Astro Menace - Play Full Version Arcade Game - Download Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game


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Friday, April 12, 2013

Astro Menace - Play Full Version Arcade Game

Astro Menace - Play Full Version Arcade Game  Have you been dreaming of saving the galaxy from the invasion of hostile civilizations? You can become famous and go down in history as the hero who let millions of people free from the enemy. So get on board of your spaceship and start your journey through the galaxies. AstroMenace is a fantastic 3D game about the space struggle in which you are controlling a battle ship and you are the only person who can bring balance into the chaos. There are 15 various levels and crowds of alien invaders against you. Adrenalin is rushing through your veins when you take part in the battle and are being attacked by hundreds of enemy ships. Although you are just a beginner, they are cruel and merciless so you'll have to learn the basics of the game very quickly. AstroMenace has lots of special effects which allow you to feel the reality of what is happening on the screen. Besides, there are different types of weapon suitable for each situation on the battle field. You can even improve the properties of your armor and spaceship by purchasing different upgrades. While completing the missions you are earning some money which can then be used for buying all the things necessary for a successful battle. In the game AstroMenace you can choose from two different modes: simulator and arcade. It means that you can master your skills either in flying and controlling the spaceship, or in using the weapons and destroying the enemy. Go for it and save the galaxies in the breathtaking game AstroMenace!  

System= 1 Ghz or better
RAM= 64 Mb
DirectX 6.0 or higher
OS= 98/XP/ME/Vista/7


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