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King of Fighter 2001   One of the last projects the company was working on was The King of Fighters 2001, the latest edition in SNK’s annual fighting game series, along with a new developer, Eolith. And while certain aspects of KOF 2001 may seem very different from previous games, spend some time with it and you’ll eventually realize that it’s one of the deepest, most technical 2D fighting games ever made. It’s no secret that SNK’s NeoGeo hardware is old. Over 10 years old. That’s why its games still use low-resolution, hand-drawn sprites for its characters, rather than switching to a 3D engine or at least using high-frame-rate, high-resolution graphics. The age of the NeoGeo hardware seems painfully obvious when you look at KOF 2001 shoddy background stages, which look generic at best and ugly and pixelated at worst. But over the years, SNK’s artists have perfected a bunch of visual tricks to help add detail to their characters and give them lots of personality. KOF 2001′s characters have lots of personality as much as you’d expect from SNK, a company with a history of making some of the most distinctive and memorable 2D fighting game characters ever.

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Processor= 733 Mhz or better
RAM=256 MB
Video Memory= 16 MB
OS= XP/Vista/Seven/Window8

Password= gurmeetmann.blogspot.com

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Server 1 King of Fighter 2001
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