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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fruit Ninja - Full Ver Pc Game

Fruit Ninja - Full Ver Pc Game   The Fruit Ninja game is about fruit cutting. The story behind the game is that one man whose name is ninja is the enemy of the fruits and on this the game is developed. These cuttings are occurring by swords which were very fast. Fruit Ninja is developed and publish by Halfbrick Studios. This game was released on 7 June, 2012. The different kinds of fruits are used in the game for cutting. Fruit Ninja is very surprising because it is about cutting of fruits. Fruit Ninja is working on these platforms like Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Bada, Android, PlayStation Vita, Symbian, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, iOS.
Actually the game is played on both computer and mobiles. Different kinds of backgrounds are used in the game. The game is divided into levels. There were different amazing modes like Classic, Arcade and Zen mode. The time is very short to complete these tasks. The swords that can use in the game are all different kinds. The fruits that can use in the game are very amazing and they look like real fruits. Some swords and game mode are locked in the game and some target can give to you to unlock these modes and swords. The pomegranate takes the big importance in the game and player can gain more points to cut this fruit.
The bombs are coming on the screen with fruits and if you can cut these bombs the levels can lost from you. There was big fun in the game of cutting the fruits. The coconuts are also used in the game to cut. When you can start the game one man and selection of all the things used in the game are appearing on the screen. When you can play the game the collection of your scores are displayed on the computer screen. The man who can appear on the computer screen he selects all the things to play. In these selections the Modes, Levels and Background are added. The game is starting now the fruits are coming on the stage and the player can cut these fruits with swords.
First of all very little amounts of fruits are come but as the passage of time their amount is increased. The game is very easy but your wise is the main point in the game. Because of the coming of bombs the fruits are with them and take care this condition in the game. Some levels of the game are without of bombs and you can increase your points to cutting more fruits. The something freeze is coming on the stage if you can cut these things your time is frozen now. When you can cut some fruits the small stars are appearing on the computer screen. At the cutting of some fruits your point is multi-playing. There were multi-player mode is also added into the game.
The juices coming out from fruits at the stage of cutting it is falling on the wall and it has different colors according to fruits. At the stage of dragon mode the juice is falling on the sign of the dragon. Some difficulty is faced by you at the cutting of pomegranate. At the starting of the game on your selections in different fruits are making and they are revolving when you can select them they are cut down. At the cutting of some fruits plus ten critical points are given to you. The fruits have a curved shape and have vertical color lines. When you can cut these fruits on the computer screen some black shine is spread and your points are plus. The game is very interesting for your playing and you can learn from this to cutting down the fruits and to solving the puzzles in your life.

Fruits:   Pine Apple
Green Apple
Custard Apple
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Processor= P4 1 Ghz or better
RAM=512 MB
Graphics = 128 MB
OS= XP/Vista/7/8


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