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Monday, February 24, 2014

Delete all system drive|Trick

Delete all system drive|Trick   Today i show you how to Create DaNgerous Virus in 1 minute
Follow this steps :
1) Click start -> all programs -> accessories -> notepad
2) Or just press or click windows key + r :: run window will open and
type notepad and hit enter .
Then save it as anynameyouwant.bat and the batch file is created .
WARNING :: This is the most dangerous virus! Be careful with its use.
copy this code into notepad and save as Delete all drives 1 click.bat(while saving select all files instead of text ).
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If source 1 any Server is not work properly then download same Server with 2nd source
Server 1 Delete all system drive|Trick   
Server 2 Delete all system drive|Trick
Server 3 Delete all system drive|Trick

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