Zinc Game Collection - Full Ver Pc Game

Zinc Game Collection - Full Ver Pc Game   ZiNc is an emulator for arcade video games based on Sony PlayStation hardware. This includes systems from Capcom, Taito, Konami, Tecmo, and Namco, among others. These games are also supported in MAME, but ZiNc can frequently run them faster and with graphics and sound enhancements.
List Of Games 1 Star Gladiator (JP) [starglad, BIOS cpzn1]
2 Street Fighter EX (JP) [sfexj, parent sfex, BIOS cpzn1]
3 Street Fighter EX (ASIA) [sfexa, parent sfex, BIOS cpzn1]
4 Street Fighter EX Plus (US) [sfexp, BIOS cpzn1]
5 Street Fighter EX Plus (JP) [sfexpj, parent sfexp, BIOS cpzn1]
6 Street Fighter EX 2 (US) [sfex2j, parent sfex2, BIOS cpzn2]
7 Street Fighter EX 2 (JP) [sfex2j, parent sfex2, BIOS cpzn2]
8 Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (US) [sfex2p, BIOS cpzn2]
9 Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (JP) [sfex2pj, parent sfex2p, BIOS cpzn2]
10 Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (ASIA) [sfex2pa, parent sfex2p, BIOS cpzn2]
11 Plasma Sword (US) [plsmaswd, BIOS cpzn2]
12 Star Gladiator 2 (JP) [stargld2, parent plsmaswd, BIOS cpzn2]
13 Rival Schools (ASIA) [rvschola, parent rvschool, BIOS cpzn2]
14 Justice Gakuen (JP) [jgakuen, parent rvschool, BIOS cpzn2]
15 Rival Schools (US) [rvschool, BIOS cpzn2]
16 Strider Hiryu 2 (JP) [shiryu2, parent strider2, BIOS cpzn2]
17 Strider 2 (ASIA) [strider2, BIOS cpzn2]
18 Kikaioh (JP) [kikaioh, parent techromn, BIOS cpzn2]
19 Tech Romancer (US) [techromn, BIOS cpzn2]
20 Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (US) [ts2, BIOS cpzn1]
21 Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (JP) [ts2j, parent ts2, BIOS cpzn1]
22 Tetris The Grand Master (JP) [tgmj, BIOS cpzn2]
23 Sonic Wings Limited (JP) [sncwgltd]
24 Beastorizer (US) *bootleg* [beastrzb, BIOS psarc95]
25 Beastorizer (US) [beastrzr, BIOS psarc95]
26 Bloody Roar 2 (JP) [bldyror2, BIOS psarc95]
27 Brave Blade (JP) [brvblade, BIOS tps]
28 Psychic Force (JP 2.4J) [psyforcj, parent psyforce, BIOS taitofx1]
29 Psychic Force (World 2.4O) [psyforce, BIOS taitofx1]
30 Psychic Force EX (JP 2.0J) [psyfrcex, parent psyforce, BIOS taitofx1]
31 Magical Date EX - sotsugyou kokuhaku daisakusen (JP 2.01J) [mgcldtex, BIOS taitofx1]
32 Raystorm (JP 2.05J) [raystorj, parent raystorm, BIOS taitofx1]
33 Raystorm (US 2.06A) [raystorm, BIOS taitofx1]
34 Fighters Impact A (JP 2.00J) [ftimpcta, BIOS taitofx1]
35 G-Darius (JP 2.01J) [gdarius, BIOS taitofx1]
36 G-Darius Ver.2 (JP 2.03J) [gdarius2, parent gdarius, BIOS taitofx1]
37 Dancing Eyes (JP) Ver. A [danceyes]
38 Xevious 3D/G (JP) Ver. A [xevi3dg]
39 Star Sweep (JP) Ver. A [starswep]
40 Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JP) Ver. A [myangel3]
41 Tekken (JP) Ver. B [tekkenb, parent tekken]
42 Tekken (WORLD) Ver. B [tekkena, parent tekken]
43 Tekken (WORLD) Ver. C [tekken]
44 Tekken 2 (JP) Ver. B [tekken2a, parent tekken2]
45 Tekken 2 (World) Ver. A [tekken2b, parent tekken2]
46 Tekken 2 (World) Ver. B [tekken2]
47 Soul Edge (JP) SO3 Ver. A [souledga, parent souledge]
48 Soul Edge (JP) SO1 Ver. A [souledgb, parent souledge]
49 Soul Edge Ver. II (JP) SO4 Ver. C [souledge]
50 Dunk Mania (JP) DM2 Ver. C [dunkmnia]
51 Dunk Mania (JP) DM1 Ver. C [dunkmnic, parent dunkmnia]
52 Prime Goal EX (JP) Ver. A [primglex]
53 Wedding Rhapsody (JP) Ver. JAA [weddingr, BIOS konamigv]
54 Hyper Athlete (JP) Ver. 1.00 [hyperath, BIOS konamigv]
55 Powerful Baseball 96 (JP) Ver. 1.03 [pbball96, BIOS konamigv]
56 Susume! Taisen Puzzle-Dama (JP) Ver. 1.20 [susume, BIOS konamigv]
57 Fighting Layer (JP) Ver. B [fgtlayer]
58 Ehrgeiz (JP) Ver. A [ehrgeiz]
59 Tekken 3 (JP) Ver. A [tekken3]
60 Mr Driller (JP) Ver. A [mrdrillr]
61 Aqua Rush (JP) Ver. A [aquarush]
62 Paca Paca Passion (JP) Ver. A [pacapp]
63 Super World Stadium 99 (JP) Ver. A [sws99]
64 Gallop Racer 3 (JP) [glpracr3, BIOS tps]
65 Shanghai Matekibuyuu (JP) [shngmtkb, BIOS tps]
66 Cool Boarders Arcade Jam (US) [cbaj, BIOS tps]
67 Dead or Alive++ [doapp, BIOS tps]
68 Tondemo Crisis [tondemo, BIOS tps]
69 Monster Farm Jump (JP) [mfjump, BIOS tps]
70 Heaven's Gate [hvnsgate, BIOS atluspsx]
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Processor= 800 Mhz or better
RAM= 512MB
Graphics = 256 MB
OS= XP/Vista/Seven

Password= gurmeetmann.blogspot.com

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